Biuro Inwestycji Euro Gdańsk 2012 - Unique investment offer in Gdańsk

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xKonkurs na wybór inwestora do zagospodarowania terenu położonego przy Stadionie Energa Gdańsk

Regarding the offer please contact:

Witold Orłowski

The place
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The lot is situated in the district of Letnica, the area perceived as carrying the top developmental potential for Gdańsk.  The district is said to have a chance of becoming the new ‘City’, mainly thanks to its excellent location and very good transport infrastructure.

Excellent transport links

Letnica’s advantage consists in excellent transport connections with the other districts of Gdańsk (urban transport: trams, buses, and SKM [urban train]) and sites of strategic significance – proximity of the ferry terminal in Nowy Port, excellent access to/from the airport along Słowackiego Street, and the tunnel under the Still Vistula ensuring smooth connection with the Warsaw-heading route (road E7)

Excellent location

The district of Letnica lies in close vicinity of the sea with its long and sandy beaches on the one side, and the City Centre with its beautiful and climatic Old City studded with numerous cafes and restaurants on the other side. Both neighbourhoods are highly frequented by residents and visitors alike. A popular walkway appended with cycling tracks and the accompanying recreation and leisure infrastructure runs all along the shoreline. The Old City, on the other hand, greets the visitors with its 1000 year-long history and multicultural heritage of Gdańsk.

Letnica features two sites of importance from the point of view of investments: the Energa Gdańsk Stadium (today one of the most recognisable structures in the coastal area) and the dynamic AMBEREXPO centre of trade fairs and conference which regularly hosts thousands of representatives of various business trades.

Letnica offers attractive land appropriate for investments in residential buildings, leisure industry facilities, and business. This is the district enjoying the highest growth potential today.


Regarding the offer please contact:

Witold Orłowski

The proposed functions

Bearing in mind that the site neighbours on the Energa Gdańsk Stadium and the AMBEREXPO trade fair centre, and considering the development plans devised for the district, it is anticipated that the intended line of land development will be related primarily to the leisure industry and include e.g. sport and recreation facilities such as an amusement park or aqua park… appended with auxiliary functions such as a biological regeneration or medical centre, or hotel facilities. The functions of the new amenities should be mutually complementary and supportive, and therefore we are open to all interesting cooperation proposals.

Zoning plan

Investment area: 4,66 ha

Lot nr: 422/4 (precinct 58)

Land register: GD1G/00062546/4

Local land use plan – zoning

Resolution XXXIII/913/09 of the Gdansk City Council of 6 February 2009

(Regional Journal od Laws Np. 68. Item 1350 of 22 May 2009)

  • Functions – Commercial and public developments
  • Excluded functions shops with total floorspace exceed 100 000 m2
  • Built-up area: no fixed minimum; max: 10
  • Height of development: no fixed minimum; max: 30 m
  • Forms of development: all forms
  • Roof shape: all shapes

Regarding the offer please contact:

Witold Orłowski

  • Water: on site (DN200) + water supply connections within 100 m (DN200 and DN500)
  • Power: medium voltage line (about 2MW) on site
  • Gas (medium pressure): gas pipeline 470 m away
  • District heating: the nearest network is 35 m away (2x300)
  • Sewers: 150 m and 300 m away
  • Rainwater system: at property boundary



Bypass Route




The Stadion Energa Gdańsk is a multifunctional, modern sports facility, the centre of events, business, leisure and effectiveness. It has been designed in order to organize great events, even for 45 000 spectators: football matches, concerts, other sport and cultural events.



Gdynia owes its economic development to such facilities as its seaport, second in Poland in terms of trans-shipments, and the main passenger terminal of the Tri-City.  The city is the domicile of many companies of the maritime industry, appended with sectors of finance and modern technologies.



This seashore resort tucked in between Gdańsk and Gdynia is known for the Sopot Festival song competitions organised since 1961 and the longest European timber peer.

Ergo Arena


Ergo Arena hosted Men’s Volleyball European Championship 2013 and World Championship in 2014.  The facility also lends its space to concerts and shows of world stars, to name e.g. Lenny Kravitz or Cirque de Soleil.

Oliwa Cathedral and Park


Set in a breath-taking Park, this Holy Trinity baroque Cathedral was first erected by the Cistercian monks in the 13th century.  Inside, the visitor can feast his eyes on the authentic artefacts and listen to an organ concert.

Lech Wałęsa Airport


The Lech Wałęsa Airport, handling nearly 4 million passengers a year, ranks among the three prime international airports in Poland.

Olivia Business Centre


The Olivia Business Centre forms a business campus ultimately planned to offer 170 thousand square metres of office space.  The complex has been chosen as the location of their offices by global corporations such as Allianz, Amazon, Bayer, Thyssen Krupp, Generali, or PwC...



The ALCHEMY is a business complex offering more than 80 thousand square metres of office space, plus a recreation and sports centre.  The occupants include e.g. State Street, Wipro IT Services, Alexander Mann Solution, Adecco and the European Leasing Fund, or Kemira…

Arkońska Business Park


The Arkońska Business Park complex offering nearly 30 thousand square metres of office space is located near the railway station in Gdańsk Oliwa and the Arkon Park Hotel with a conference centre.  The occupants include e.g. Netia, IBM, Play, and Deloitte.

Baltic Gallery


The Baltic Gallery is the largest shopping mall in Gdańsk.  With the floor area of 45 thousand square metres, it houses 200 shops selling acclaimed brands.  The Gallery is located in the centre of the Wrzeszcz district of Gdańsk.

Metropolis Gallery


The Metropolis Gallery is the name of the shopping centre under construction in Wrzeszcz, next to the railway station.  The facility’s floor area will be 86 thousand square metres.  It will group nearly 200 shopping outlets, a hotel, and a biological regeneration and fitness centre.

Gdańsk southern ring road


The ring road forms a section of the S7 express road, linking the Tri-City ring road (S6) with national road No. 7, Gdańsk – Warsaw.

City Hall of Gdańsk


The building houses the city government and its strategic departments.  It also accommodates the key civic services: vehicle registration, identity card issuance, driving licence issuance, residence registration, and business activity registration.

European Solidarity Centre


The European Solidarity Centre is a museum promoting knowledge of the Solidarity movement and anti-communist opposition in Poland and Europe; it is also a centre of dialogue in the contemporary world.

The pier of Brzeźno


This 215 metres long peer was first built in late 19th century, jetting from a beautiful sandy beach in the neighbourhood of broad expanses of walking grounds (Reagan Park, walkway) and cycling tracks.

The beach


The sandy beaches of the Bay of Gdańsk, open to the general public, represent one of the most precious ‘natural’ treasures of the Region, attracting the locals and visitors all year round.



This peninsula at the mouth of the Martwa Wisła River [Still Vistula] to the Bay of Gdańsk stands as a symbol of the heroic defence staged by the Polish and the outbreak of the Second World War.  On 1 September 2003, the sites connected with the Westerplatte battlefield were included in the list of Historic Monuments.

Port of Gdańsk


The Port of Gdańsk is a major link in the Trans-European Transport Corridor No. 1 running from the Scandinavian countries down to the South-Eastern Europe; it is also a major point on the TSL map of Europe due to its modern infrastructure and industry networking relationships.

Still Vistula


The tunnel (open to the traffic in May 2016) accommodates 30-40 thousand vehicles a day.  The tunnel is a component of the Słowacki Route which links the western city quarters with the Port Island and the Warsaw-heading road.

Museum of the Second World War


The Museum of the Second World War tells the story of everyday life of civilians and army men against the background the military history.  The number of visitors to the museum is estimated at 400 thousand a year.

Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre


This dramatic theatre in Gdańsk, founded in 2008, hosts the largest European Shakespeare Festival.  Its retracted roof enables staging plays in daylight, under the open sky (in the ‘Elizabethan’ style) for the audience of about 600.

Neptune fountain


The Neptune fountain has stood in Długi Targ Street [Long Market] in front of the entrance to the Artus Court since 1633.  As the time went by, it has grown to become a symbol of Gdańsk and the most frequently chosen background of visitors’ photos.

Long Street


This is the most elegant street of Gdańsk.  Once the address of the wealthiest town dwellers, it has today turned to a walkway flanked with houses of historic significance – the Artus Court, Ferber Family House, Schumann Family House, and Uphagen’s House, the Golden Gate, and the Green Gate.

Polish Baltic Philharmonic Hall


The Fryderyk Chopin Polish Baltic Philharmonic is the largest institution of musical life in Northern Poland.  The concert hall can serve congresses seating 1200 people.

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Amber Expo

Gdańsk International Fair, member of the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry, has for years ranked among the leaders of the domestic trade fair organisers. Its business line further includes organisation of exhibitions, congresses, conferences, seminars and training, conventions, rallies, commercial expositions, public fairs, open-air and mass events. The company cooperates with a group of organisations and institutions pursuing statutory activities in international exchange, in Baltic, European, and regional integration, and in the development of individual industries and trades (local administrative and business authorities). The company holds an odd dozen proprietary fair events a year.

Amber ExpoAmber Expo
ENERGA Gdańsk StadiumENERGA Gdańsk Stadium


The Energa Gdansk Stadium is a multifunctional, modern sports facility built for the Euro 2012, which plays the role of a centre of business, entertainment, and recreation. Its main user is the Lechia Gdańsk football club. The stadium seating 42 thousand is appended with a broad spectrum of auxiliaries in the FUN ARENA quarters, to name e.g. the Conference and Business Centre, T29 Sports Bar & Restaurant, Lechia Gdansk museum and shop, and a centre of entertainment (with attractions such as: escaperooms, springboard park, go-carts, or electronic paintball…). Since its opening day, the facility has been visited by nearly 1.8 million people. There are about 100 events a year organised at the Energa Gdansk Stadium for business clients and the general public, to name e.g. concerts of such stars as: Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake.

The Stadium in Figures

Stadium In Figures




seats in VIP zone


m2 in business zone


parking spaces

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